Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yemen, the prime minister dead MoujawarIl president appears on television: "I'm OK"

The doctors said the Saudis have "clinical death" for the Yemeni Prime Minister Mohammad Moujawar, wounded yesterday in clashes between government forces and tribal militias of the opposition, which involved the presidential palace in Sanaa. He reports the BBC. The prime minister was transferred to Saudi Arabia along with four other officers wounded yesterday, that they might receive the necessary medical care.

This is the speaker of Parliament Yahia al Raie, the head of the Advisory Council Abdel Ghani Abdel Aziz and Deputy Prime Minister for Home Affairs Amini Sadek Abu Ras. Together with them, as reported initially by the Arabic television 'Al Arabiya' there was also the president Ali Abdullah Saleh, slightly wounded in the head.

Record immediately denied by the Yemeni Ministry of Information and the Saudi authorities. Also according to the BBC, the governor of the capital, Doid Mohammed Noman, underwent surgery at a hospital in Sanaa for the removal of a leg and an arm and is in serious condition. The terms of President Saleh, the agency's local press, are stable.

He himself, in a video message released to the nation last night, said, "and feel good and be healthy", calling the attackers "a band of outlaws that has nothing to do with the youth revolution." According to sources familiar with the testimony of the president himself, gathered by the BBC, Saleh was once instead of second-degree wounds to the chest and face and had a sliver of at least 7.6 cm close to the heart.

Meanwhile, clashes have resumed today in Yemeni cities. Ten people were killed and 35 wounded in bombing the house of a powerful tribal leader Hamid al Ahmar, leader of the tribal revolt underway in Sanaa. A response of the system to attack the presidential palace yesterday, in which Ahmar denied any involvement, however.

Violent exchanges of artillery and rockets have so shaken the fifth consecutive night in the neighborhood of Hassabi. Clashes between the protesters and anti-regime loyalist forces were also reported Taiz, southwest of Sanaa. Where the commander of the 33rd Armoured Division Yemeni army, General Yahia al Jebran Hashed said to be in the opposition.

According to a military source said, the Gneral announced his defection after calling - under pressure from a group of his officers and soldiers - troops sent into the city to clamp down on anti-regime demonstrations. Due to the intensification of violence, Germany has decided to close its embassy in the capital of Yemen.

The staff on leave "as soon as" the country. He told the German Foreign Ministry, who explained: "Although the fighting in the capital not directly involving foreigners, the danger of the situation led the Ministry to take this decision."

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