Sunday, June 5, 2011

Berlusconi uses the nuclear referendum to the Constitutional

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has ordered the State Bar proceedings before the Constitutional Court's recent decision to authorize the Supreme referendum on nuclear energy. The consultation is scheduled for 12 and 13, but Berlusconi wants to prevent at all costs the Italians decide to permanently close the nuclear program that his government had temporarily halted only with a law designed to circumvent the referendum.

The vote is doubly dangerous for a prime minister who is on the ropes. That same day, citizens must approve or reject the repeal of the law of legitimate impediment, allowing the prime minister argued efforts of Government to curb their cases pending, and also answer two questions about the privatization of water, which was formerly in management hands of municipalities.

Berlusconi has been defined as "useless and demagogic" the four questions of the referendum, organized by the listed firms promoted by Italy of Values. The People of Freedom, in an attempt to not turn the query into a new referendum on Berlusconi, has freedom of conscience to its members.

Still, the quorum-half plus one of the 46.6 million counted, seems a difficult task to achieve. Among other things, because the votes of the 3.5 million living abroad may not be counted. The Supreme Court decision authorizing the nuclear question on changing the wording to fit the new rule came when thousands of immigrants had sent their ballots to Rome.

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