Sunday, June 5, 2011

Neruda's killers will be exposed

Pinochet was ordered to anticipate the death of Pablo Neruda: "He has not killed the cancer, but the assassins of General a few days after the coup, Sept. 23, 1973, eight days after the end of Salvador Allende. The lawyer Eduardo Contreras asked the Prosecutor of Santiago, Mario coach, to open an investigation.

Carrozza is investigating 726 "dead uncertain" that followed the military coup a few days ago and ordered it to exhume the body of Allende. The evidence on suicide are disputed by witnesses who 40 years later, they found the courage to speak. And the investigation started running again.

He has already discovered that Frei, the first Democrat President Allende, was fit as a fiddle, no illness, only poison status. The phone finds the indignation of the lawyer. It 's a boy when he governs the election campaign that win Allende. Then the exile, then returned to Santiago and just makes the initial complaint against the general proclaimed himself senator for life.

"What a shame ..." Contreras fidgeted in the studio overlooking the Moneda government palace where Allende was found dead. Asked for and obtained the lifting of his parliamentary immunity. Now a witness to open the case Neruda: declaration of 'driver of the poet, Manuel Araya: "Don Pablo was assassinated by agents of the dictatorship.

In the clinic where he was crying off a great friend with the death of the brave people who came to see him. And he closed his mouth. " If Araya has signed the indictment, Contreras hides other items for confirmation. Who am I? His laughter is contagious. "We're not in Europe. I do not want my witnesses can not testify.

" Silence. "I can only remember the story and signed protocol CorbalĂ  Gonzalo Martinez, Ambassador of Mexico to Chile will be in court to confirm it. The poet had visited the night before. Melancholy, unarmed, but with the strength of those who do not want to give up. He saluted, saying it seems a joke but some days I seem to feel better although I know which end is waiting for me.

" Among the visitors to a great writer at that time ignored: Francisco Coloane, Melville of the twentieth century. Giant blue-eyed and good. Guardian of lighthouses, fishing, sheep shearer: writing in secret. He was not afraid of anything. He loved Neruda. It gave the eulogy at the funeral deserted by all.

Only the Swedish ambassador, in the name of the poet laureate who was crowned, it was mixed with a few people gathered around the coffin. When Matilda, his wife, on September 11 in '73 know from the radio of the death of Allende and the fighters bombed La Moneda, try to hide it from him.

"I did not give him the ultimate pain." But understand the injustice of stealing the truth to those who had always dealt with openly. The morning when it speaks, September 15. It tells the version of the military suicide. Neruda is awakened from the torpor: "I know Salvador. You can not be killed.

They massacred ". He bends notes in his notebook where he writes and torments now only the last five pages of life: the memory of Allende. Which chronicles the years after grant a vision far removed from reality blurred because of despair. But time passes and you begin to discover that the poet was probably right: "My people have been betrayed the most of this time ...

it was everywhere, people have admired Allende and praised the extraordinary diversity of our government. On the other hand Harlequin and Pulcinella, clowns, terrorists with weapons and chains, fake monks and military run-down ... You had to hit him, strafing why he would resign from his position that the people had assigned him ...

He went to the tomb accompanied by one woman , his wife, on whose shoulders weighed all the pain of the world. " A few days later, at the funeral of Pablo, his wife has no friends. Escaped, hidden. Coloane only answers the phone with the voice of a giant scared. "I was alone." She asks him to close the last button on the neck of the shirt of her husband as a Chilean tradition.

And when the writer is still unknown to Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego say the parting words, does not hide behind the regret that prudence might suggest. "The power of nature has taught me that feelings must withstand whatever the situation. Do not be afraid to reveal them. " And while Matilda was moved and Coloane face strange companions who recorded his words, the shadow of Pinochet ravaged the empty house of Matilda and her poet.

Stealing cards and notes. "And they were just poems ...." House on a hill with a stream running through the upper part of the garden. They diverted to destroy all memory. Unnecessarily. Neruda is more alive than ever and his assassins are about to be unmasked. Contreras's lawyer is sure.

, June 4, 2011

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