Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yemen: President is en route to Saudi Arabia

In the aftermath of the bombing of the presidential palace, during which the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was injured, he still had not reappeared in public, Saturday, June 4 While the Yemeni government denied reports of television reports of a departure to Saudi Arabia, a Saudi government source cited by, said Mr.

Saleh is indeed en route to Riyadh, where he is expected Saturday evening. Channel Al-Jazeera, quoting unidentified sources, reported that Vice-President of Yemen, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, would serve as acting president and supreme commander of armed forces. Al-Jazeera also said it is the Saudi King Abdullah, whose country has played a mediating role in the crisis in Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh invited to visit his kingdom for treatment.

Initially, the relatives of the Yemeni President assured that he had been slightly wounded in the attack on the shell against the presidency, which claimed seven lives. Injury severity of Ali Abdullah Saleh, however, could be much higher. Officially, the Yemeni president has a slight head injury.

But the BBC, citing sources close to the presidency, said that Saleh would have actually received a piece of shrapnel more than 7 inches below the heart region and would be second degree burn to the chest and face. According to the Saudi source who says he left Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh is expected to receive treatment for injuries "at the neck and chest." Four senior officials, including Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Moujawar have already been transferred to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment.

In a radio message broadcast on the night of Friday to Saturday, the Yemeni president has blamed the attack on the powerful clan Hached, including residences in the south of the capital were bombed. He then said: "I am well, I'm healthy." Exchanges of fire continued intermittently in the north of Sanaa on Saturday morning, when government forces clashed always and supporters of the powerful tribe Hached.

Violent clashes with shells and rockets struck for the fifth consecutive night the Hassabah, a neighborhood where the residence of tribal leader Hached, Sadek al-Ahmar, and several public buildings. According to Al-Jazeera, Saudi King Abdullah has reportedly secured a truce Hached a week.

In Taiz, south-west of Sanaa, clashes erupted in the military armed men who were guarding hundreds of protesters gathered on Freedom Square. In the afternoon, the military withdrew, leaving the words of one member of the opposition "looting and disorder" multiply. The military has probably been recalled by the commander of the 33rd Armored Division, Major General Yahya al-Hached Gibran.

The latter announced his allegiance to the opposition, according to a military source.

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