Sunday, June 5, 2011

French ecologists to Congress (without leader)

The leader of the French Greens, Daniel Cohn-Bendit We are all in La Rochelle this weekend, the Congress of the French Greens. There Cécile Duflot, 36, pugnacious, national secretary of the party, confirmed for the event. There's Nicolas Hulot, 56, environmentalist, a popular TV entertainer, one of the candidates in the primaries now officially open (you will vote online) to choose the green challenger Nicolas Sarkozy for president will face next year.

There is Eva Joly, 67, originally from Norway, another candidate in the race, former anti-corruption magistrate, at the time of clean hands in French dressing. The only thing missing Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a lack bulky for the French Greens. Let's step back. June 2009 European elections. Surprisingly, the Greens can win 16.3 percent of the vote.

It 'a success unexpected: until a few months before were the army of Brancaleone always stuck in the swamps of sectarianism, litigation acute patients. But in a short time Cohn-Bendit, "Dany the Red" for his friends, the protagonist of May 68, German loved and hated in the land of France, was able to create Europe Ecologie, a sort of Green Party widened, involving different areas, by Joly (reassuring for the moderates), who never had agriculture policies to José Bové, the hero of the anti-globalization movement.

And many others, with the aim to attract different constituencies. And in addition to the green. The experiment fails. But the problems begin almost immediately because that Dany 'old' green (and Duflot, which is also a new generation) have always had an ill-concealed suspicion. At the 2010 regional Ecologie Europe Secures 12, 2 percent of the vote.

And last November, officially proceed with the merger between the Greens and the movement. Europe-Ecologie Born Les Verts. Now we are one year from the presidential election. Sarkozy, despite the pregnancy of Charles, remains very low in the polls. The Socialists are found to handle the hot potato of the scandal Dominique Strauss-Khan.

The catastrophe of Fukushima in France is producing a new ecological sensibility. It would be a good time to press the accelerator. Instead, the Greens began to quarrel. Cohn Bendit had said: "I do not go to La Rochelle. I do not see why should I spend my weekend. " Said than done. Hulot is not convinced of applications and Joly (although he himself has pushed Eve into the early jump in the race).

"Among them will choose a personality and not a real program," said the former barricadero the newspaper Le Monde. For him and Joly Hulot are not sufficiently "political". "And instead of the presidential campaign is highly political: it is necessary to respond to everything, not just ecology." What divides Cohn-Bendit from the others is mainly the desire to broaden their horizons, to leave the enclosure of environmentalism pure and hard.

Would like from the first round of the presidential reached an agreement with the rest of the Left and particularly the Socialists. In short, play all the cards on a single candidate, "because - as said at the weekly Marianne - the main reason people are sent home Sarkozy." If weight is rising star of French politics, Marine Le Pen, candidate of the extreme right, left is best not joking.

Better not to divide. Better not waste energy. Because the prospect is to gather at the second round to choose between Nicolas and Marine. But the Greens do not seem to hear from that ear. Yesterday in La Rochelle Hulot feared opening to the centrists of Jean-Louis Borloo, Sarkozy with former Minister of Ecology, which has since distanced himself.

The result was immediately attacked by Duflot and all the others. Not even mentioned. The work of the Congress in La Rochelle continue as if nothing had happened. Today, it is expected the first public debate Joly-Hulot. But the absence of Dany is heavy. Difficult without the author's success at the 2009 European, the Greens can still win.

Leonardo Martinelli

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