Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Aznar rejects, 1967 borders as a basis negotiator Palestinian conflict

.- The president of the Spanish Government Jose Maria Aznar on Tuesday rejected the negotiations to create a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, considering them "unsafe" and said the risks facing Israel are the same powers that threaten West. "defend Israel's right to choose the terms of the agreement," Aznar said in a speech on the Middle East in the Brazilian Jewish Welfare Society Albert Einstein in Sao Paulo.

The honorary president of the Spanish Popular Party said that the borders of 67 "is not safe and can not be the basis for the negotiations on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, as if just two weeks ago defended the U.S. president, Barack Obama . 'We have complete confidence that many voices will rise to pressure Israel and we are concerned that Israel does not have enough allies, and we believe that we must act so that this scenario does not materialize, "he said.

Obama said as a reference for the negotiation on the border conflict of 1967, which saw the Six Day War, the third meeting with the Arab countries, ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Gaza, Sinai Peninsula and Golan Heights. Aznar, who is also head of the Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES), said that Israel is "a land of opportunity, prosperity and future." The risks and threats to Israel are the risks that we suffer, " he added in his speech, within the activities of the Initiative Friends of Israel, of which Aznar is part alongside other former leaders worldwide.

"I understand that being with Israel is to defend peace. I believe in Israel and I am not ashamed to say it" He added: "When people delegitimize Israel, we discredits us." Defend the state of Israel is "just cause" because, in his view, the Jewish state with democratic countries share a number of values between those who cited "freedom, tolerance, pluralism, equality between men and women" .

Who was head of the Spanish between 1996 and 2004 indicated that the main difficulty facing Europe is the international crisis, but the loss of values. "The main problem facing Europe today is that Europe is the realm of relativism that Europeans do not believe in anything or want to believe in anything, "adding that Friends of Israel trying to" avoid the isolation of Israel "and provide legitimacy to the country and present" as a normal country.

" He argued that the Western world has given birth to "the freest societies, most stable and prosperous" and criticized the story in some Latin American countries have developed a campaign for the recognition of a Palestinian state unilaterally and without negotiation. "Any unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state means an action contrary to a peace that we consider necessary," he said.

It also found that Israel is "the last remaining island of stability between Morocco and Pakistan" and said Hamas is a terrorist organization that, like the Muslim Brotherhood movement, "seeks to destroy the State of Israel "." Of all the political problems the world has the most important is where the Muslim world will evolve, "he said.

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