Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Argentine short, one canary and a Rioja winery II finalists Short Film Festival and Wine Entreviñas

LOGROÑO, 1 Jun. The short "winemakers of the Sun" a national of Argentina, the documentary canary guachinche "and" David Moreno "short presented by a hold, but with a more experiential form of advertising, are the three finalists of the Second Festival International Short Film Entreviñas local wine in La Rioja Ebro Aldeanueva of total, as reported by the organization of the event, 95 papers were presented.

Of them have pre-selected 6 finalists, 3 finalists who will elect the winner receives a prize of 3000 euros and their weight in wine Aldeanueva d'Ebre 2 Accesit also be fitted each with 500 euros. The jury consists of Gorka Salazar, director of the Cinematheque de La Rioja, Rubén López, CEO of the World Daily Buzz Agency in La Rioja, and Asier Stephen, manager of Modern Cinema Logroño.

The respective awards will be presented this weekend during Entreviñas 2011, held in Aldeanueva de Ebro Apart from the traditional and Wine Festival (with participation of 14 wineries in the municipality), screenings of short films and "The Birdcage" with "Transit" as openers, there are some new ones.

The first is Business Day, "All you need to know to sell wine from Rioja, which takes place this Friday 3 with the conference" The brand and the product "by Felix Perez Alvarez (World President International Association of Jurists of Vine and Wine). It will also be "on account Sale, purchase by emotion" which will be led by marketing guru emotional, Juan Manuel García, better known by Peter Jordan.

In the evening, enjoy watching the screening at the Cinema de Ebro Aldeanueva Ark of the movie "The cathedrals of wine". The other important development is the first Fair of Agricultural Machinery in La Rioja Baja, which will feature exhibitors from Logroño, Aldeanueva de Ebro, Rincón de Soto and Tudela.

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