Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Do not leave them alone

Follow the election has a strange taste when you do it from afar. It 's all a bit' inside you, around the others live a different everyday life, made up of other things and other expectations. In New York it was Memorial Day, Holocaust Memorial Day in some way, as ever more conducive to "welcome" what was going on in Italian cities.

At the park, with Dorothy, I could not take my eyes from my IPhone, subtle link between me and the northern and southern Italy. That Italy offended and hurt to death recklessly and repeatedly. I watched from afar, and I said "up, come on, pulled up." And then the party scene. It seemed to me to be there.

In Naples in particular. Of which I know every corner, every stone. I even know the faces, the smiles and hugs. Someone wrote "we missed you." In other hugs and smiles in others, years ago, I was there. The joy and hope were no exception. So I want to say one thing today, at the cost of spoiling the joy and sense of liberation.

I mean do not let the mayors themselves, do not believe in magical powers that have not put on hold and ready to point the finger. Must participate as the highest sign of freedom and civilization. In Naples, in particular, must be that my fellow citizens are rolling up their sleeves. Them, and before the mayor.

It is rolling up their sleeves and start to respect the rules and love their city. Protecting love it: dirt, crime and the crap that hides too much from that indescribable beauty that only lazy, lazy eyes can not see. Also pay the bus fare, stop at red traffic lights, follow the file, to separate their waste, not to be complicit in the wrongdoing with silence, not to throw a paper on the ground: everything, absolutely everything can liberate Naples from her cancer : that of "indifferent".

Do not let only Luigi De Magistris and does not require it to be more cop mayor. Insist on dates with both hands but because we are not children of a lesser God, although sometimes there is so much more comfortable to believe.

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