Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Veteran British forces would be present in Libya

Veteran British Special Forces, employed by private security companies, are present in Misrata, west of Libya, where they advised the rebels to Libyan soil and provide information to NATO, said the Guardian newspaper britanniqueThe Wednesday 1 June Former special forces (SAS) are sent to the command of NATO operations in Naples information on the location and movements of troops loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi, military sources said the British daily.

According to these sources, these former soldiers are in Libya with the blessing of the United Kingdom, France and other member countries of the Atlantic Alliance and the coalition forces have provided equipment not offensive. The Defence Ministry has denied they are paid by the British government and has insisted he has no combat troops on the ground.

The advisers would be paid by Arab countries including Qatar, said The Guardian. London last week approved the use of Apache attack helicopters to Libya and the information gathered by the advisors of the rebels should be used by the British and French pilots for missions scheduled for that week.

The revelation about the presence of these men on Libyan soil comes in the wake of the broadcast by Arabic television channel Al-Jazeera video images showing six Westerners talking to armed rebels in the port of Misrata. Libya on Tuesday accused NATO of killing 718 civilians and wounding in 4067 during the air raids of the past ten weeks.

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