Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Clinton considers the position of Damascus less "untenable"

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has not initiated serious reforms and the government's position is "less tenable" every day, said, Tuesday, June 31, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the clearest statements to date suggest that Washington is preparing to ask President Bashar al-Assad to withdraw, Clinton recalled that President Barack Obama had given the choice between the Syrian leader to lead the political transition " go away.

" "Every day that passes, the choice is made by default. He [Assad] has not called for an end to violence against his own people, and he has engaged in any reform effort whatsoever," he Clinton said to the press. "Every day that passes, the government's position [Syrian] becomes less tenable, and change requirements of the Syrian people are not getting stronger," continued the chief U.S.

diplomat. "That's why we continue to press them to end the violence and the beginning of a real process which could lead to changes demanded," she added. Mrs. Clinton said she was "very concerned" by reports that a 13 years would have been tortured and killed by Syrian security forces in the region of Deraa, home of the dispute.

"Actually, I think what this symbolizes the eyes of many Syrians, the absolute abandonment of any effort by the Syrian government to cooperate with his own people and listen," she said. "I can only hope that this child did not die in vain and that the Syrian government will end the abuse and begin the transition to real democracy," she added.

The Global Fund for Children (UNICEF) announced Tuesday that thirty children were killed by gunfire during demonstrations in Syria, while recognizing its inability to confirm the exact circumstances of these deaths. "We urge the government to thoroughly investigate this information and ensure that perpetrators of these horrific acts are identified and brought to justice," ordered Unicef.

President Assad has declared Tuesday a general amnesty extends to Muslim Brotherhood members and political prisoners. This initiative was immediately deemed too late by the opposition, while the repression continued, killing three protesters.

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