Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Libya, Benghazi hotel attack in NATO's mission extension

A loud explosion in the evening did slip back Benghazi, Libyan stronghold of the insurgents, the nightmare of a war that never seems to end. Most likely it was a car bomb to explode at 19.10 in front of the Hotel Tibesti, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, where the seat of the Representative Office of the European Union and where to stay in these days even the Italian ambassador in Libya , Vincenzo Schioppa.

And 'in fact, just yesterday the same hotel that hosted the meetings of Minister Frattini and the interim leader of the National Council of Libyan rebels. There would be no injuries and no one has claimed responsibility, but has not ruled out a gasp of agony undercover agents of the regime to seek revenge against the 'traitor to Benghazi, the city of Cyrenaica which has started the uprising more than three months ago that is wiping out 40 years of Gaddafi to power.

Despite the ground continue to get news fragmented, yet another defection of the powerful Minister Shukri Ghanem Libyan Oil - announced today in Rome - returns an image of a regime now in disarray. Today NATO has officially extended the mission of Unified Protector 90 more days, but the headquarters of the Alliance all are said to be certain that serve less than three months given to complete the mission.

The departure of Gaddafi's Libya is only a matter of time, according to the Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and will happen soon, perhaps "tomorrow." The international community continues to flaunt compactness, the same as provided by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and the head of state Giorgio Napolitano during their meeting in Rome today.

The official mission is still the one indicated by the UN (the protection of civilians), but now that regime change is clear: Gaddafi must go. Today I got a new condemnation of the United Nations for crimes against humanity and war crimes "committed by government forces in Libya. But the UN investigation on the ground did not spare even the rebels and accused them of "certain actions that constitute war crimes."

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