Wednesday, June 1, 2011

At least 44 members of Al Qaeda killed in assault on headquarters of Yemen

At least 44 members of the terrorist network Al Qaeda in Yemen were killed in a failed attempt to storm a military base near the southern town of Zinyibar, where gunmen and security forces faced since last May 27. Security sources and the Yemeni news agency, Saba, claimed that the alleged al Qaeda militants tried to seize the headquarters of the Brigade 25.

The sources added that the Army and security have launched an operation "clean" in Zinyibar, capital of the province of Abyan, taken on Friday by hundreds of fighters. They argue that continued harassment of "the remains of the terrorist group who still control, apparently some places in the city.

The sources added that have caused heavy casualties among the ranks of combatants, "who have lost control over his men" in his statements. No casualties were reported among members of the security forces. Warplanes have launched several attacks on Al Qaeda sites in the mountainous region of Khanfar, near Zinyibar.

In these military air operations dozens of gunmen have been killed or wounded, according to sources, they offered no exact figures. The fighting in and around Zinyibar coincide with the upsurge in fighting between militiamen loyal to the opposition Sheikh Sadeq Abdullah al-Ahmar and security forces in Sanaa, in which at least 40 people have died since last night.

The armed conflict erupted in Sana'a on 23 May after President Ali Abdullah Saleh for the third time refused to sign an initiative by the Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes the transfer of power to Vice President and call new elections. Furthermore, in the southern city of Taiz, where three people were killed yesterday in clashes between opponents and security forces, police and army have dissolved now shooting in the air and without causing fatalities various concentrations in requesting the waiver Saleh.

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