Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rge Espas the slip at the top of the opposition Syrian

The presence of infiltrates close to the regime of Bashar Assad has created a stir in the Syrian opposition meeting held in Antalya. About 300 dissidents and human rights defenders in Syria have met this Turkish city to organize and develop a plan that will culminate in the ouster of President al-Assad and the dissolution of the regime.

Meanwhile, Syrian President has decreed today the formation of a body to begin a national dialogue and overcome the political crisis facing the country, according to the EFE news agency says, citing Syrian state television. About a half dozen men, identified as spies by opponents of the regime, have been expelled from the meeting, while others may still be hidden.

This meeting in exile represents the first serious attempt to organize, after that last March the revolutionary spirit of the Arab riots moved to Syria. Since then, the regime of Bashar Assad has prevented the entry of reporters into the country and has suppressed the protests by force thousands of Syrians star each week.

Human rights organizations estimate that hundreds of protesters have died as a result of the government crackdown. Violence, far from appeasing the protests, has helped generate more anger and revitalize the actions of the demonstrators. About 250 of the meeting in Antalya opponents living in exile.

Another fifty have escaped from Syria to attend the meeting and probably can not return home without fear of reprisals by the security forces. A few, or dare to appear publicly in the hotel at the conclusion of the conference. The idea is being discussed at the meeting today is to create a sort of "advisory council of the revolution" that will coordinate the activities of opposition groups from abroad.

In principle rule, however, the idea of creating a government in exile.

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