Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thousands Protest in Tokyo against nuclear power

.- Some 17,000 people protested today in Tokyo against nuclear shouting "We do not need Fukushima," referring to the nuclear crisis unleashed by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 in Japan. The protesters were deployed in various parts of the Japanese capital, including the headquarters of Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), operator of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, which has serious problems in four of six reactors and emits radiation.

NHK television said, about two thousand people marched in the morning convened by eight anti-nuclear associations to demand the closure of all nuclear-fuel power plants in Japan. In Koenji (in the north of the capital) is about 15 thousand people gathered in the afternoon, according to the survey carried out by the local agency Kyodo.

According to participants Efe said the march was called by internet with the aim of protesting against nuclear energy in a festive atmosphere, although accompanied by a police cordon. The demonstrators shouted slogans to demand the closure of the plant in Fukushima and for alternative energy.

The representatives of these associations also requested the closure of the Hamaoka plant in Shizuoka prefecture, because they consider a high risk of suffering a similar injury to that of Fukushima Daiichi if hit by a tsunami. The earthquake of nine degrees of March 11, which marks one month ago, shattered by the force of the tsunami after power generators to cool down reactors in Fukushima, which caused several explosions and releases of radioactivity.

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