Sunday, April 10, 2011

NATO artillery bombed Gadhafi

.- The government soldiers and rebels battled Saturday in the key city streets after the military used guerrilla tactics to achieve greater progress in enemy territory since international air strikes began. At least eight people were killed, said a hospital official. Ajdabiya capture Libyan military would give a platform to attack the main rebel stronghold, the city of Benghazi, 160 kilometers (100 miles) further east on the coastal road.

Gadhafi's forces were approaching Benghazi when they were rejected by the international air campaign launched last month to defend civilians and cripple aviation Gadhafi. For the rebels, losing the city's reduced to a coastal strip in eastern Libya and allow government forces put more pressure on the few pockets of opposition in the rest of the country, including the western port of Misrata siege, which followed intense fighting for a second day on Saturday.

Progress on Ajdabiya was released as international envoys were trying new initiatives in pursuit of a peace agreement. The African Union said he thought a team dispatched to Libya on Sunday to engage in meetings with government and rebel leaders. Meanwhile in the capital Tripoli, Gadhafi made his first public appearance in weeks with a visit to a school.

The children jumped on the desks and shouted "The people want a leader Moammar!" With large dark glasses and a turban and brown robe, Gadhafi made no public comments as a version of public television. Gadhafi has remained largely hidden since the start of air attacks, preferring to communicate by telephone with state television.

The battle for Ajdabiya demonstrated how Gadhafi forces are adapting their strategies in the midst of NATO bombing. Small and mobile units are less vulnerable to air strikes that tanks and other armored vehicles ambushed a convoy first probed rebel front lines in the outskirts of the city.

Then the soldiers started shelling the city from positions in the desert, and finally transported soldiers to the streets with civilian vehicles to fool the NATO pilots.

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