Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gaza Strip: Many killed in Israeli retaliatory attacks

Israeli reprisal raids in Gaza have cost more lives. Since Friday died in Palestinian territory more than a dozen Hamas fighters and civilians. Hamas has a state of emergency proclaimed Jerusalem - The Middle East is no end to the violence in sight. Israeli attacks from the air and on the ground on Saturday cost the Gaza Strip four lives.

Three Hamas fighters were killed in an air strike, another man died in a tank shelling killed. Hamas then called a state of emergency. The security forces should be in use around the clock, an Interior Ministry spokesman said on Saturday in Gaza. This also applies to the members of the civil protection and health services.

The radical Islamic Hamas shoot back, reported the Israeli armed forces. From the Gaza Strip on Saturday eight rockets at Israel had been fired. Hamas said the three deaths in its ranks was a commander. Two Israeli missiles had hit the vehicle in which Abu Snima Taj's and two other fighters in the near Rafah had been on the road.

Since Friday in the area killed more than a dozen people. Friday was the bloodiest so far in the Gaza Strip for almost two years. After Israeli air strikes, according to army figures four Hamas fighters and five civilians were killed. Some sources even spoke of up to 18 Palestinians killed.

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