Sunday, April 10, 2011

Libya, violent clashes in Ajdabiya NATO bombing destroyed 25 tanks

While diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis going on in Libya continues to fight. The forces of Muammar Gaddafi came to Ajdabiya where the rebels are having the worse in violent melee combat. The loyalist troops control some areas of the city covered by snipers from hitting. According to hospital sources, 21 people were killed: 11 rebels and 10 soldiers of the colonel.

Victims will be added to those of the past: according to the insurgents at least 30 combatants were killed in clashes in Misurata (see yesterday's news). Even the NATO raid going on. The planes of the Atlantic Alliance in the early afternoon today have destroyed 25 tanks, forces of Gaddafi in two different tasks: 14 Measured and near 11 on the road to Ajdabiya.

Over the past two days, the tank had been hit 15 in the measuring area, the city controlled by insurgents and under siege for over a month, and two south of Brega, in the east. Born Yesterday fighters have also intercepted a Mig 23 of the insurgents that has been done because land was violating the no-fly zones imposed by the UN.

"Benghazi is now a safe city, but Tripoli, Misurata, Zenteno, the nightmare is not over," said Mustafa Abdel Jalil, head of the transitional national council of the rebels in Libya, in an interview with Gr Rai, two days from his visit to Rome where he will meet the highest offices of state.

"We urge Italy and the rest of the world to do more because our people can free themselves from the yoke of the regime." Jalil has said, however, to be grateful to the Italian government for what he has done and is doing to protect civilians and ensured its commitment "to fight illegal immigration, an emergency in which Italy is at the forefront.

But we also want that Italy gave us a hand in dealing with all this, helping us to protect our borders. " On the diplomatic front, the African Union calls for immediate cessation of hostilities, in order to initiate a transition period that permits the introduction of political reforms.

And 'that the request came from the group of mediators consisting of the presidents of South Africa, Mali, Mauritania, Uganda and Republic of Congo today begin their mission in Tripoli and Benghazi and to meet Gaddafi, both leaders of the revolt . In their statement also want to allow the passage of humanitarian aid convoys and the need to promote dialogue between the Libyan government and the National Council of Transition.

A promise to the crisis came after the head of the Libyan parliament, Mohamed Zwei, who reported that the Libyans would be submitted a draft constitution, in preparation since 2007.

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