Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shooting into the crowd at Dara, 26 deaths yesterday Assad: "country on the path of reform"

 - It 's budget of 26 people killed in clashes yesterday in Dara, in the south of Syria, when the police fired on demonstrators to disperse them. Another two people are dead in Homs, during a peaceful demonstration. This was revealed today a campaigner for human rights belonging to a network of NGOs and Syrian Kurds: "The police used in the different provinces of Syria excessive and unjustified violence by firing on the crowd." On Saturday afternoon, the police opened fire on people who had gathered near the mosque of Omar in Dara, south of the city became the epicenter of the protests against President Bashar al-Assad had just concluded the funeral mass of several protesters were killed the day before, when, according to two witnesses, the officers began to take on a target group that sang songs and slogans against the regime.

Clashes continue today. Five people were injured by blows of a firearm in front of a mosque in the coastal city of Banias in northwestern Syria. According to the account of witnesses, the hour of prayer at dawn, seven cars carrying "people sent by the regime and came to the mosque Abu Bakr al-Sidiq and its occupants opened fire on the mosque."

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