Sunday, April 10, 2011

Egypt, Mubarak will interrogatodalla attorney general

Two days after the resumption of street violence in Egypt, back to bite the old rais Hosni Mubarak, overwhelmed and forced to resign last February 11 by the wave of protests that had inflamed the North African country. Strikes once also the attorney general of Cairo where the chief prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud decided that the old leader and his sons will be asked to clarify their position in the face of accusations of abuse of power, embezzlement and especially about the role Mubarak and his family who were in accidents in January, during the demonstrations that would soon have caused their fall.

In his first message from his dismissal, the former president explained the reasons for his resignation and attacked those who argue that possession of substantial funds deposited outside of Egypt. "I left my office as president by giving precedence to the interests of the country and the people - said Mubarak - I have served the country with honesty, and I can not remain silent in front of the smear campaign against the reputation of myself and my family" .

Speaking to Al Arabiya, the former head of state said he was the victim of a smear campaign and added that reserves "to take legal steps" toward those who tried to ruin his reputation and that of his family. "I was silent for a way to give to Attorney General to collect evidence on the fact that I do not have any fund or real estate abroad - said the former rais - And my two sons, Gamal and have not used the power to make money illegally.

" Do not think so last Friday that the Egyptian people has returned to the streets to demand that Mubarak and his entourage are brought to trial as soon as possible. The demonstration ended in blood when the dawn of Saturday, the army opened fire on the procession killing two people and injuring seventy.

Accidents are investigating the military prosecutor ordered the detention of 15 days for Kamal Ibrahim, a prominent element of the old Egyptian ruling party, accused of inciting the violence exploded in Tahrir Square at dawn on Saturday. Despite the harsh repression that was staged on the night between Friday and Saturday, the attorney general decided to pay attention to citizens' demands and, hours after the message of the old leader, announced that it will ask Mubarak and his sons.

The allegations that hang on the former presidential family in Egypt are heavy. From having ordered the bloody repression of the popular events of last January, a series of crimes against public administration: embezzlement of public funds and abuse of power. The investigators will then determine whether the Mubarak family owns or less a treasure hidden in funds and investments outside of Egypt.

There 's been worse than the former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif that has been subjected to 15 days in custody under investigation for misappropriation of public funds. In addition to demanding the beginning of the trial against the rais, the crowd was also taken to the streets to demand the resignation of the interim leader of the junta running the country.

At the center of the protests that Hussein Tantawi for twenty years was head of Defense when Mubarak ruled. The protesters also claim that within the armed forces all the components are purified in the past have had to do with the old regime. In short, according to an important part of Egyptian society, the old system of power is surviving on new names and faces: from the top left of the Armed Forces.

At the heart of the criticism also the decision of the Council for the date of the next elections in September immediately after the legislative and presidential elections. As reported in the columns of the Corriere della Sera Ahmed Salah, a leader of the revolt in January, 'It is too early, you should still be left free, there is no real constitution, we want reforms.

The people must vote before you know who. " According to many observers, one vote so close to would only encourage parties with a solid organizational structures behind, on one hand the Muslim Brothers, on the other hand, the National Party of former President Mubarak. "In Egypt is implementing a conspiracy to kill the revolution", has reported that Salah has pointed the finger at all the parties have agreed that it "does not change anything." Salah's words seem to describe well the feeling of an ever-broader Egyptian public opinion, as it did last Friday, is ready to return and resume in Tahrir Square protests from the symbol of the Egyptian Revolution.

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