Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reported dozens of deaths in combat in Ajdabiya

At least 21 soldiers, 10 rebels and 11 gadafistas-among them an Algerian-have died in heavy fighting raging in the strategic eastern city Libyan Ajdabiya, Efe reported Inasi Ahmed, one of the few doctors who remain in the hospital of the city. Inasi explained that since the hospital has been heard loud explosions, probably of Katyusha rockets and Grad missiles from the area west of the city, which gadhafistas relentless attack from noon on Saturday.

According to the doctor, Gadhafi militias are already in several neighborhoods of the city where they have come on board civilian vehicles and passenger SUV, while sharpshooters were stationed on the roofs of several buildings. At the hospital, which lacks surgical instruments and equipment to operate, arrived this morning three rebels seriously wounded by gunfire from those snipers, Efe said the doctor, before leaving in an ambulance quickly toward the west gate of the city to collect bodies of gadafistas and wounded on both sides.

The few doctors who remain in the hospital Ajdabiya-hastily evacuated on Saturday after the start of the attack the regime, according to Efe found at the health center, evacuating the dead and the seriously injured to Benghazi, as their material to operate was destroyed and looted by Gadhafi troops before they leave the city shortly after the start of the NATO attacks.

Inasi said that among the eleven dead gadafistas who fell today in the west of the city, provides a citizen with Algerian identity card. Rebel spokesmen have repeatedly stated that many mercenaries from sub-Saharan countries have joined the ranks of the regime, but, of Algerian nationality confirmed today, would be the first occurrence of a citizen of Libya's main western neighbor.

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