Sunday, April 10, 2011

Long, costly recovery in Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan today pledged to do everything possible to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, during a visit to the devastated areas. Almost a month after the tragedy, the mayor arrived on Sunday to the city of Ishinomaki, Miyagi, in the midst of thousands protest in Tokyo who demand the closure of nuclear plants in Japan, after the crisis on the ground Fukushima I.

'The government will do everything possible to help, "said Khan, during his visit, his third place at the areas most affected by the earthquake of 9.0 magnitude on the Richter scale on March 11, according to a report by the Kyodo news agency. In press statements, the Japanese prime minister acknowledged that rebuilding the country's northeast will be long and costly, but reiterated the government's commitment is to remember the victims and help them return to normal .

After visiting a shelter and walk the streets to closely examine the situation, Khan visited a command center for self-defense forces in Sendai, from which coordinates the relief effort, with U.S. troops. The Japanese prime minister thanked the U.S. military for its support in the work of victim support in the recovery of bodies and the search for missing persons in the prefecture of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima.

"Thank you, thank you deeply from my heart, for their help since the appearance of catastrophe (...) The operation Tomodachi (friends) help improve ties between our country and the United States. I'll never forget, "said Khan. The National Police Agency (NPA) said up to 16:00 local time Sunday (05:00 GMT), the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami amounted to 13 000 013, while still 14 000 608 disappeared in six different prefectures.

Meanwhile, two different areas of Tokyo to demand the closure of all nuclear plants in the country before the crisis of the plant in Fukushima I, where they continue to work to curb nuclear spill into the sea. The biggest demonstration was concentrated in the Koenji district, north of Tokyo, where a 17 thousand people chanted "we want no other Fukushima ', while 500 more than two thousand gathered around the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO).

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