Saturday, April 9, 2011

One dead, 71 injured in clashes between army and demonstrators in Cairo

.- The Ministry of Health of Egypt announced today that one person died and 71 were injured in the incidents this morning between the army and protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square. The head of the Central Department of Ministry Intensive Care, Dr. Khaled al-Khatib was quoted by state news agency MENA, said that some of the victims had gunshot wounds.

Khatib explained that other wounded were treated with symptoms of respiratory failure, fainting, and various injuries such as bruises. Most have been released, according to the doctor, who indicated that only three people remain in hospital military Qoba Cairo. After the incidents, several ambulances rushed to Tahrir Square, where they were treated 41 of the wounded, while another 30 were taken to three hospitals in the capital.

Incidents of this morning are the first serious recorded between protesters and the army, which was well received during the Egyptian revolution that ended the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Yesterday, tens of thousands of people participated in a demonstration in Tahrir to order the trial of Mubarak and other corrupt former leaders and the resignation of charge from the old regime.

The protest went on peacefully until the start of the curfew at 02:00 local time (00:00 GMT), when the army tried to disperse the gathering in the square. The reasons for the fighting is unclear, since some protesters denounced a direct attack on the soldiers, the military leadership led by Egypt accused of rioting groups and violating the curfew.

In Tahrir, the epicenter of the revolution of January 25, hundreds of people gather today in defiance of the Army, the disclosures are cut with barbed wire and two charred vehicles show the violence of the clashes that occurred this morning.

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