Saturday, April 9, 2011

The fanaticism globalizacin

Russian Pavel Ershov, head of the UN mission in Mazar i Sharif (Afghanistan), he avoided being killed a week ago because he swore in Dari, the local language, he was a Muslim. Seven workers of the UN and scores of Afghans have died in riots after a fundamentalist Christian pastor burn a Koran in the U.S., with 12,500 km, 12 days earlier.

The Russian tried to call the attention of the angry group who had just put down the bomb bunker door where he and three other Western colleagues had taken refuge in the dark, peat. "He tried them to look at him and thought he was alone," said the next day Staffan de Mistura, the UN chief in Afghanistan.

Did not buy. The exalted, with lanterns, they discovered the other three, one woman and two men from Romania, Sweden and Norway. Killed. "One of my three colleagues was wounded by gunfire and one of the infiltrators was killed with a knife, but not decapitated," Mistura said. As it was Friday, a holiday in the Muslim world, the UN offices were almost empty.

The assailants had passed two security cordons: the external, the Afghan police, which "caught by surprise and unprepared," according criticized Mistura, and internal, Gurkhas Nepalese UN workers, four of whom died . Mistura said that the Gurkhas are prohibited from firing at civilians.

That mass of 3,000 angry men took to the streets for three mullahs Herring that Friday, in the preaching of the Blue Mosque, demanded the arrest of pastor Terry Jones, The New York Times. Local authorities and the UN chief in Afghanistan suspect that a small group of insurgents from outside the city initially infiltrated a peaceful march against the burning of the holy book.

The Afghan employees of the UN, which certainly saved all the skin when mixed with the demonstrators, they recognized accents of five areas. The marches of that Friday in Kabul, Herat and Tahar ended without incident. Afghan marches colearon several more days. It was after the massacre at the UN when the western media found that the third Sunday of March, Pastor Jones, one that 11-S and 2010 had threatened to burn a Koran desecration had occurred after a show trial held before 50 faithful in a church in Gainesville (Florida) in which the holy book of Islam was convicted and sentenced to the stake.

The issue went unnoticed in the West, but across the world. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari strongly condemned the burning two days later in a formal setting, the opening of Parliament. The impact increased both in the region-rooted anti-Americanism, which, on 26, a State Department spokesman U.S.

began its routine appearance with a condemnation of "intolerant act" and expressed concern about "deliberate attempts to offend members of any other religion, "adding:" We believe strongly in freedom of worship and freedom of expression. " His words were headlines in the Pakistani news but the storm subsided.

Day 31, the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, urged the U.S. to sit on the bench the person responsible for burning the Koran. A senior cleric demanded that Jones was tried and sentenced him to the maximum punishment. Some took the law into their own hands the next day. In the absence of Americans on hand, killed the foreign UN employees.

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