Saturday, April 9, 2011

The fighting escalated in the Gaza Strip

Crossfire maintaining the Israeli army and armed groups in the Gaza Strip seems to be endless. And extends from late Thursday and has cost the lives of 18 Palestinians killed by Israeli bombardments. The magnitude of this new conflict, "the deadliest since the war in Gaza call 2008-2009 - has revived fears of an Israeli military operation on a large scale on the strip.

Four other Palestinians have died since early this morning and half a dozen have been wounded by army gunfire in Gaza. There are four members of Hamas, which include Abu SNIM Tayser commander, whose car was hit by a missile. Two of his aides traveling with him also died. The fourth militant was killed in an attack this morning in eastern Gaza City.

Meanwhile the armed groups have launched a strip thirty shells that have landed in southern Israel without causing any casualties, according to Israeli radio reported. Statements by political leaders of both sides does not augur an immediate end to hostilities. This afternoon, the Islamist group Hamas that governs Gaza Strip has threatened further escalation if Israel does not put an end to the airstrikes.

"If the Israeli escalation continues, amid international silence and complicity, the response of the resistance factions will expand," said Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman in the agency. Meanwhile, Gideon Saar, Israel's education minister has made clear the intentions of the Army told the radio.

"We will continue to operate by implementing the principle of defending our citizens." The fragile cease-fire that kept Palestinians and Israelis in the Gaza Strip and its surroundings since the end of the operation Lead Cast 2008-2009, broke in the middle of last month when Israel killed two members of the armed wing of Hamas.

Since then, Palestinian factions have continued to launch rockets into Israel, while shooting the Army by land and air have killed 36 Palestinians. . Since that time, Israeli political and military leaders announced harsh reprisals, not long in coming.

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