Friday, April 8, 2011

The Embassy of France in Cote d'Ivoire targeted by rocket fire

Gbagbo's camp has denied being behind the attacks. At the same time, the Licorne force helicopters attacked the area where the residence where Mr. Gbagbo is entrenched with his final four of the faithful. By late evening, the operations officer for the maintenance of UN peacekeeping, Alain Le Roy, however, indicated that Gbagbo's forces had regained some ground to control neighborhoods in the Plateau and Cocody.

The new strong man hopes to restore calm and security in Abidjan. He said he had instructed officials of his forces to "take all measures to maintain order and security of property", and freedom of movement in the country. "The curfew will be eased from Friday, April 8 to allow a gradual return to normality ', also announced Alassane Ouattara.

Earlier in the day, even had denigrated Toussaint Alain Ouattara's speech, calling it an "imposter". "The reconciliation is the flute. Ouattara is not justified in launching a call for reconciliation," he said. "We received a request from President Ouattara to remove certain entities of the sanctions list," said spokeswoman Catherine Ashton, representative for EU foreign policy.

"We are working on this issue in close consultation with the President Ouattara and we hope to be able to begin to ease sanctions soon, "the spokesman added without providing details on the sanctions, nor a likely timetable. While questions remain about the extent of the massacre perpetrated Duékoué in the offensive of the pro-Ouattara, the UN investigators have uncovered more than a hundred bodies in the last twenty-four hours in the West Coast d'Ivoire, announced Friday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to which they could be victims of ethnic violence.

For more information: - The transcript of the speech of Alassane Ouattara. (Voice golf gu) - The package of sanctions (. Pdf) imposed on April 6 by the European Union on Côte d'Ivoire (Official Journal of the European Union)

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