Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cairo night of clashes between the army and demonstrators. Two dead

Tahrir Square, the symbol of the Egyptian Revolution of January 25, returns to ignite. The expulsion of Hosni Mubarak on 11 February is not served to allay the discontent of the Egyptian people in these days is urging the renewal of the military. According to hospital sources, last night two protesters died of gunshot wounds in clashes with the army.

A bus to transport troops was set on fire. Ambulances arrived on the square that has been completely sealed by the armed forces with barbed wire. According to the protesters, also, the army opened fire to disperse the crowd that remained on the large square symbol of the revolution against Mubarak after the start of the curfew at 2 am local time, after the great event yesterday in which was asked for a speedy trial to former Rais and his family.

Chanted slogans against the Chief of Army Staff, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi. After the protest, seven dissident military officers of the army camped on the square with some protesters to seek the return to the top of the armed forces. The army, which governs the transition in Egypt, said in a statement that "elements of the interior ministry" with the help of civilians have released the square from the presence of "outlaws" who did not respect the curfew .

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