Saturday, April 9, 2011

Libya, Qaddafi reappears on TV Conference in Cairo with UN and the EU

On the day Saddam's army offensive against the city of Ajdabiya, Muammar Gaddafi back to being seen on TV. State television showed pictures of the Libyan leader, sunglasses and traditional brown robe, he visited a school in Tripoli. Surrounded by bodyguards, Gaddafi was welcomed by the students who chanted anti-western songs.

On the military front there have been clashes in Misurata, where according to the rebels there were at least eight people dead. In the morning we started the attack by loyalist forces against the city of Ajdabiya, 160 km from Benghazi, putting away the rebels who were trying to advance toward Brega.

The city is then heard a violent explosion and was raised a huge column of smoke, probably a sign of a fighter intervention of NATO, intervened in support of the rebels. The request that the Atlantic Alliance could advance that Italy participates in the bombing (see yesterday's news) spoke to the Minister of Defense Ignazio La Russa.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera La Russa said: "The tendency is to continue to support the mission without direct involvement in the raid on Qaddafi's troops." The decision will still be at the mid of next week, after meeting with defense ministers of France and Great Britain. Meanwhile, continuing diplomatic efforts to achieve a resolution of the crisis.

The Arab League has organized for April 14 in Cairo for an international conference on Libya, with the participation of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Catherine Ashton EU chief diplomat and the chairman of the African Union Jean Ping . Tomorrow a delegation of presidents of African countries, including South African President Jacob Zuma, will go to Libya to meet with the parties in conflict, and groped to get a ceasefire.

Zuma and his colleagues of Congo, Mali, Mauritania and Uganda - which form a 'panel' of mediators within the African Union are meeting today in Mauritania to decide a common strategy. The attempt by African mediators, which are expected to meet Gaddafi is that representatives of the Transitional National Council, had the approval of NATO.

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