Saturday, April 9, 2011

The repression of the protests by car bomb in southern Syria

The bloody suppression of protests in southern Syria, which has claimed dozens of casualties, has helped break down the barrier of fear for many people in Deraa, now outraged and have attended the funeral mass of protesters killed by security forces yesterday. Deraa thousands of residents have marched through the streets of the city calling for "freedom" and "the fall of the regime", while carrying the coffins of the dozens of deaths, as shown by numerous video images posted on the Web The police opened an fire again, this time against the funeral procession, causing several casualties, witnesses said according to Agence France Presse.

Also in Latakia, in the west of the country, security forces fired in the morning against those who are demonstrating for freedom and against the emergency law in force in the country since 1963. "You can not take two steps on the street without risking arrest you," said a neighbor to the agency.

"It's hard to know if there are dead, but we heard many. The Syrian government keeps out foreign reporters Deraa and other cities, making it very difficult to compare the testimony and images coming from Syria. Meanwhile, come out soon a little light on the details of what happened in the demonstrations on Friday to thousands of Syrians took to the streets across the country.

The National Organization for Human Rights in Syria has been identified with names up to 30 killed in protests Friday in Deraa. The NGO added that seven other people died in the city of Homs and around the capital Damascus by police gunfire. "The Syrian regime used teargas and then opened fire on unarmed civilians, causing dozens of deaths and injuries.

There were further arbitrary arrests of demonstrators and raiding homes of citizens, especially in Deraa, on the pretext of looking for members armed gangs, "reads a statement issued today by the Syrian human rights organization. The Syrian Interior Ministry on Friday blamed bands of armed men of violence in Deraa.

He further indicated by Syrian television, that 19 policemen had been killed by members of these gangs. Today, Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem has also referred to "saboteurs infiltrated the ranks of the protesters" who "opened fire." Catherine Ashton, the head of European diplomacy on Saturday asked the Syrian regime to end violence against protesters and demanded that President Bashar Assad to undertake "substantial reforms immediately." The Syrians were first given to the street three weeks ago, infected by the revolutionary euphoria that runs the Arab world.

These protests in Syria pose an unprecedented event in the 11 years of the term of President al-Assad

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