Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gaddafi's troops were thrown back into the assault of Ajdabiya

An upbeat and dynamic Muammar Gaddafi today made his first television appearance in five days while their new star troops fighting with rebels in the eastern front of the country. Gaddafi's forces bombed the outskirts of Ajdabiya, forcing the rebels to order the evacuation of the hospital in that city, 160 kilometers southwest of Benghazi, the capital of the rebels, according to Efe.

A correspondent has heard the impact of artillery and machine gun fire for about 30 minutes from the western part of the city. The rebels have not maintained this morning one of the front lines around the city, which Gaddafi loyalists managed to take three weeks ago, but abandoned by the harassment of allied aircraft.

While in Tripoli, the Libyan leader has visited a school, according to state television. The pictures showed jubilant dictator, wearing a brown robe and sunglasses, surrounded by students chanting slogans against the West. This is the first public appearance since Qadhafi came out last Monday outside his home in Bab al Aziziya, south of Tripoli, to greet supporters gathered at the complex.

Despite fighting in the east, a Red Cross boat took medical supplies to the besieged city west of Misrata, scene of bitter street fighting, where conditions are said to be desperate. A week ago, the aid agency began negotiations with Libyan government officials to move into the western zone under their control.

The ICRC has already been deployed in the territory of the hands of the rebels, mainly in the cities of Benghazi and Tobruk. In this city, at least five people were killed yesterday as a result of fighting, according to a resident identified as Ghassan. The source explained that, according to doctors at the hospital, ten others were injured.

Ghassan added that at the last minute of the day could still hear the sound of fighting. "We can still hear mortar fire," he stated. The regime's troops on Friday made a new assault on Misrata, the main stronghold of the rebels in western Libya. The rebels have said they have been able to regroup and repel the attack by government troops.

Meanwhile, NATO warplanes have bombed weapons caches located near Zinta, west of the country, supposedly belonging to forces loyal to Qaddafi, as reported by a resident, identified as Abdulrahman. "The deposit is located 15 kilometers southeast Zinta," the source said. "We can see buildings on fire from afar," he added, speaking telephone.

From the first airplane flight, there were "about 14 explosions." Abdulrahman explained that even "some people used binoculars to see the buildings burning." "The rebels believe that some of the deposits have been destroyed, but not all. It is a huge facility," he stressed.

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