Friday, June 3, 2011

Syria, at least 67 dead in Beirut HamaManifestazioni

A "veritable carnage." It 's the description of an eyewitness of the fighting today in the city of Hama, Syria, where at least 67 people have died. "I was to show, we would have been over 10 thousand - he said - there they shot him with great intensity. To kill. Kalashnikovs and machine guns were heavy, at least by the din of gunfire.

" The city hospital is crowded with wounded, "hundreds" according to witnesses, among the protesters against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. An event that already has a precedent in the history of the country. In 1982 the then president, Hafiz al-Assad - the father of - bombed the Syrian city for weeks.

Some exiled Syrian politicians close to former President Amin al denounced Hafin 35 thousand - 38 thousand dead, while the Israeli delegate to the United Nations, Jehuda Blum, victims would have been 10 thousand to 25 thousand. The exact budget for the massacre but has always remained a mystery.

The ruling party, the Baath Party, proposed in a model socialist, secular, causing the rebellion of the Muslims who for years attempted to destabilize the government of Assad's father through a series of bombings and riots, like that of Hama. In the new Friday in protests today, two initiatives being opposed, were held in Lebanon, in Beirut.

One in support of the Syrian population, the victim of a crackdown, and the other in favor of the president. About 200 supporters of Assad met in the courtyard of the Omari mosque, while inside, they gathered as many opponents of the president. To avoid contact between the two groups were deployed to prevent accidents and the officials of the Lebanese security forces.

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