Friday, June 3, 2011

The Chilean Supreme partially annulled the sentence of the Mapuche

Chile's Supreme Court today has lowered the sentences of four Mapuche prisoners currently on hunger strike, to three to four years in prison, compared with 20 and 25 years who had previously been sentenced for the attack a prosecutor and attacks on police in 2008. But he kept the penalties of between five and 10 years for violent robbery against a farmer.

The Supreme Court has held that the process should only be considered crimes against police officers in serious injury and less serious injuries against the prosecution, and dismissed the conviction for attempted murder. Now Jonathan Huillical, José Ramón Llanquileo have Huenuche and sentenced to eight years in prison, and Hector Llaitul, 14 years in prison.

The ruling did not satisfy the convicts said they kept the hunger strike that began on 16 March, 80 days ago. The villagers began to protest to demand for a new trial and to quash that they were sentenced to 20 years in prison for the attack on the prosecutor Mario Elgueta, in Cañete.

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