Friday, June 3, 2011

New outbreaks of violence in Syria left at least 67 dead

The Syrian security forces opened fire today on demonstrators demanding the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad in the city of Hama, in the framework of a new day of protests called "Children of Freedom." The balance of the violent crackdown on protesters' peaceful and unarmed "this Friday in Hama is at least 67 dead, said the Syrian opposition groups shortly after activists realized 27 fatalities.

The death toll is still being build so that the number of deaths and injuries could increase in the coming hours, said the opposition cited in reports from the Arab television station Al Arabiya. The official news agency SANA reported, however, that hundreds of people gathered in the streets of Hama after noon prayers and chanted various slogans, but said security forces had been kept away from the demonstration.

Hama mobilization was the largest since protests began against Al-Assad regime in mid-March, and took place while thousands of Syrians took to the streets in major U.S. cities such as Damascus. In a suburb of the Syrian capital, about two thousand people marched after police blocked their way and tried to disperse them by hitting them with sticks, referred Abdul Karim Rihawi, a member of the Syrian League for Human Rights.

Thousands of Syrians rallied more through the province of Damascus, including the towns of Jdaidet Artuz, Daray and Zamalka, despite the measures taken by the authorities to avoid protests. Near the southern city of Dara, the epicenter of anti-government demonstrations, security forces opened fire to disperse protests Jassem, in the next tilt Dal and northern Kurdish cities SiriaLa day Friday was devoted to children who have killed by the repression of protests against Al-Assad, thus also rejecting the government offers to end the crisis, including a general amnesty and national dialogue.

"People want the regime's downfall. Tomorrow is' Friday the children 'to show our opposition to injustice', announced on its Web activists' Syrian Revolution 2011 'in the social network Facebook. The United Nations (UN) estimates that at least 30 children have died during the rebellion against the government.

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