Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Mexican parliamentarians visiting Florence Break

A group of three Mexican members of different parties visited Thursday in a French prison in Florence Break, who is serving a sentence of 60 years in prison for kidnapping. They pledged to review the case thoroughly. The group included Arturo Garcia of the National Action Party (PAN) of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Antonio Benitez's Institutional Revolutionary Party (center, opposition) and the member Noron, Workers' Party (PT, opposition) representing the coalition of leftist parties in the House of Deputies.

The rejection of the appeal of the French, February 10, provoked a diplomatic crisis with France, which considers Cassez had no right to a fair trial. The French said he was arrested by police Dec. 8, 2005, held illegally for 24 hours before the alleged arrest on live television. The federal police had found two months later, having used a montage for the replay.

But the Mexican justice system has ignored this scene in its final decision. Defending Cassez also highlights the contradictions of the testimony against him. This visit, the first of its kind, comes as the Mexican Supreme Court examines a review for violation of the Constitution in the proceedings leading to conviction of the French.

"We felt the need to thoroughly examine the record, it is a requirement for absolute clarity on trial," said Mr. Gerardo Fernandez Noron after the interview with the three parliamentary Cassez that n has consistently maintained his innocence since his arrest in December 2005. "We simply listened to his explanations and the expressed interest of ours to examine the case in detail," said Noron.

He said the case of Florence Break is "emblematic" and could pave the way for the retrial of Mexicans detained unjustly. The member of the NAP has stressed that its presence does not imply a criticism of the government's action in Case Break. "We want to look at the record, I believe in justice and that is what is at stake in this case," he said.

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