Friday, June 3, 2011

Spain / Argentina-The Secretary of State for Foreign and his Argentine counterpart agreed to further deepen the relationship

MADRID, 3 Jun. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Latin American, Juan Antonio Yanez-Barnuevo, and Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Alberto Pedro D'Alotto, have held this Friday in Madrid a further meeting of the Political Consultation Mechanism in which they agreed on the desire of both countries to further deepen their relations.

The meeting, as reported in a statement Affairs, is part of the Strategic Partnership Plan (SAP) between the two countries in 2006. The two secretaries of state have agreed on the same "to continue working to further the objectives defined therein, bearing in mind the current challenges and opportunities facing our countries and those of global and regional common interest." In this sense, have signed the consignment of PAE 2011-2012, which sets the framework for action for the next two years, strengthen cooperation and dialogue and giving special emphasis to cooperation in matters related to science and Innovation and renewable energies, considering them strategic delivery.

Moreover, Yanez-Barnuevo and his Argentine counterpart have also reviewed other current international issues as reform of the Security Council United Nations, the situation in North Africa and the Middle East, the G-20 and international financial institutions , among other things, "underlining the good climate of understanding and dialogue between both countries and the coincidence of views on many issues", he explained Affairs.

Cooperative relations between the two countries will be further strengthened, including the dimension of triangular cooperation, such as that done in Haiti and is prepared in Guatemala. Also deepen sectoral cooperation in the fields of science and technology and culture and education, among others, the statement said.

At the interregional level, Yanez-Barnuevo and D'Alotto have exchanged views on the current negotiations between the EU and Mercosur with a view to reaching an association agreement, agreeing that that goal is of vital importance to both regions. Have also addressed the state of relations between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean and Ibero-American Conference with a view to the twenty-first summit to be held this year on 28 and October 29 in Asuncion, Paraguay, about topic "State Transformation and Development", stressing the importance of this forum for consultation and cooperation.

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