Friday, June 3, 2011

Yemen president calls for mediation of Senegal

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, called on his Senegalese counterpart Abdoulaye Wade to mediate with the United States and France to obtain a ceasefire and set an election to which the Yemeni president is not present, said the president of Senegal. The call was made in the midst of another violent day in which nine people died in the capital of western Anbar province due to a series of explosions, officials said Iraq and noted that the victims are no lifeguards who went after the first bursts.

This figure rises to 53 dead in two days. The bombings it was the center of the insurgency led by Al Qaeda are a reminder of the dangers still facing Iraq, while getting ready for the departure of U.S. forces by year's end. A policeman and an official in Ramadi, who preferred anonymity, said the blasts, evening, also left 25 injured.

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