Friday, June 3, 2011

Six dead in shooting in Yuma, Arizona

Five people were killed Thursday in Yuma, a city of 200,000 residents of Arizona, during a shootout with the author, a 73 year old man was found dead, apparently having committed suicide by turning his weapon against him. The man's body was found near a highway with a gunshot wound that seems self-inflicted, according to a police statement, which states that the investigation continues to determine what were the circumstances of the shooting.

According to U.S. media, the man was depressed because of a divorce and he shot a lawyer his family. The Yuma County Courthouse, and at least two schools and a post office, had been curled after the shooting, and an injured person was transported to hospital in critical condition, according to television Local KSWT.

A spokesman for the police, Clint Norred, explained that a series of shootings took place in several locations in Yuma County and stated that these incidents were linked, the newspaper Yuma Sun Newspaper.

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