Friday, June 3, 2011

The army opened fire on demonstrators in Yemen

Yemeni security forces have used bursts of live ammunition to disperse a demonstration on Thursday evening in the capital, Sanaa, according to reports from witnesses of this repression, however, no casualties were initially reported. The city has seen in recent days of violent clashes between the militias of tribal leader Sadeq al-Ahmar and forces loyal to President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

According to the Yemen Post, hundreds of supporters of al-Ahmar were trying to enter the capital to support the tribal leader, but forces loyal to President were preventing it. The violence has led to close on Thursday the airport in the capital, after the fighting extended to the vicinity of these facilities.

In this context, the Yemeni army had regained control of the ministries and government offices that the forces of al Ahmer, who leads the Hashid tribal confederation, had taken in recent days in Sana'a, while violent clashes still occur between the two parties Al Hasaba district, the epicenter of the fighting, according to the Yemen Post.

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