Friday, June 3, 2011

The head of the EU mission recommends "maximum restraint" to the Peruvian electoral authorities

If anything matching contributors and Keiko Fujimori Ollanta Humala is predicting that the runoff election on Sunday, June 5 will be defined by narrow margin, may vote to vote. Ignacio Salafranca, head of the EU mission sent to observe the elections, adding to the prayers that have already made the Peruvian electoral authorities and, given the doubts raised primarily by Humala reaffirms the confidence in elections clean.

"The system does not favor a massive electoral fraud," the MEP also, but does not exclude that they can produce some "inconvenient" in remote provinces, without much electoral weight. However, states that it is important to remain calm in high stress environment that exists in Peru that the electoral authorities have good aim when presenting the partial results of the ballot and not move forward with progress very preliminary.

"We must behave with utmost restraint," he advised. Salafranca heads a mission of 80 persons distributed in 19 of the 25 regions of the country, also warned the state of tension that exists nationwide. "Clearly there is a polarization of positions, but no serious incidents were reported, happily." In recent days the Humala, through both the applicant and of some speakers, said it had evidence that he was preparing an electoral fraud in favor of Fujimori, with the complicity of the government of Alan Garcia, who is accused of having taken sides by Keiko Fujimori.

The candidate, however, failed to provide evidence of their charges and the jury foreman both national elections and other electoral bodies have ensured the cleaning process. As regards the alleged preference for a candidate Alan García, Salafranca said he has talked with the president and this has discarded.

"He called to show to show any statement or video in which there is evidence of express support for any candidate," he said.

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