Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tripoli promised to resist any foreign mission in Misrata

.- The Libyan Foreign Ministry said Monday that all "approach to Libyan territory under the pretext of humanitarian mission" will be met with "fierce resistance", saying he had armed Libyans prepared to defend Misrata (west). The Foreign Ministry "has informed the Security Council of the UN, the African Union and the European Union that any approach to the Libyan territories under the pretext of a humanitarian mission would face a violent and unexpected strength of the armed people" , the official Libyan news agency Jana.

"The one million Libyans who have taken up arms since the beginning of the aggression and colonialist crusade against Libya are ready to defend Misrata," the ministry, stating that Libya did not accept "any relief, unless the Red Cross and Red Crescent. " At night, the Libyan Minister of Social Affairs, Ibrahim Al Sharif, warned against any military presence in Libya, under the guise of a humanitarian mission, believing that such action would have "serious consequences." "A military presence in any humanitarian mission will be considered a declaration of war," he said at a news conference.

On Friday, the European diplomat, Catherine Ashton, has written to UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon said that the EU is "ready to act" by all means, "including military, to support humanitarian to 300 thousand inhabitants of Misrata, rebel stronghold located 200 km from Tripoli. According to Ashton, Europe is willing to coordinate international efforts in this city bombed relentlessly for weeks by the forces of Colonel Gadhafi.

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