Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Argentina .- shot at the house of the brother of Lionel Messi in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 11. The home of one of the brothers of Argentine footballer Lionel Messi in Argentina was shot, like the front of two homes in the same block, but no injuries, according to police sources said Monday. The attack happened on Saturday around 22.30 hours (03:30 hours on Sunday in Spain), when several unknown persons fired three town houses located in Rosario, Santa Fe (center), including Matias Messi brother Lionel.

Police spokesmen Rosario reported that police arrived at the scene after one of the neighbors, 59, called by phone to alert about the shooting, said Monday the official news agency Telam. When police arrived at the scene found bullet holes in the walls of three homes, including the brother of footballer.

It also said that no one was injured in the attack and that researchers are already working on its own initiative to clarify what happened and identify the perpetrators of the shooting. At the time of the shooting, both the brother of FC Barcelona player, Matthias, 28, and her mother were inside the house and have not suffered any damage.

The gunmen fired four times at the home located in the neighborhood of Saladillo, south of the city.

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