Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Netanyahu and Abbas are interested to resume dialogue to Prince Philip

The president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prince of Asturias showed their willingness to return rapidly to the negotiating table, provided that the minimum conditions necessary to resume dialogue. The heir to the Spanish crown and his wife Princess Letizia have completed this afternoon in Ramallah a visit to Spain considers "historic" to Israel to mark the 25 anniversary of bilateral relations, and the Palestinian territories, where it never earlier he had traveled a member of the Spanish royal family or any European royal family.

The same day that the kings of Jordan, Abdullah and Queen Rania, the princes hope to share with them a private dinner in Amman, Prince Philip took the opportunity to meet in the morning in Jerusalem and met with Netanyahu hours later in Ramallah with Abbas, who received his guests with top honors in the Muqata, the Palestinian presidential headquarters.

In just two hours, Abbas offered the princes in the Muqata an intensive program that included a welcoming ceremony and a luncheon, where Prince Philip and the Palestinian leader could prolong the talks had been held in English during his interview before . The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jimenez, attended the meeting, stressed the importance of following this visit as "expressly recognized" the support of Spain to the Palestinian people, with which it has "strong ties", and its support for institutional strengthening of the ANP, which is the second largest donor to the EU.

Both the interview, "extremely cordial", the prince with Abbas as his meeting with Netanyahu allowed to address the unrest in the Arab world, recent events in the Middle East and the possibilities of resuming the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, the point at which both parties appreciate the constructive role of Spain, always ready to promote the rapprochement of positions.

In discussions with his two partners, the heir to the Spanish crown was found that Abbas and Netanyahu want to discuss the parameters that can lead to an eventual peace agreement. However, they will not return to the negotiating table until the minimum conditions prevail, as in the case of Palestine have a lot to do with his request for a new moratorium to prevent the construction of more Israeli settlements.

This matter has not been addressed in the interview with Netanyahu, who has not conditioned the resumption of dialogue to any specific requirement. The head of the Israeli Government did not speak to the Prince on a possible partial demilitarization of the Occupied Territories to deal with an eventual Palestinian state recognition by certain countries, this September, but raised to what extent these movements affect diplomatic Israel International and how it can act his country to that scenario.

Spain has already made it clear to both parties to take a decision within the framework of the EU, while working towards effective recognition of the Palestinian state and shares many of its European partners need to seek an agreement to strengthen this goal. The private dinner Abdullah II and Queen Rania now offer the Princes in Amman opens the final stage of this Middle East tour: a visit to Jordan in the Prince Felipe of Spain show support policy reforms advanced by The Hashemite monarch.

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