Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Berlusconi was acquitted as the same on all charges

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, returned yesterday to the Court of Milan, this time to attend the second hearing of the case Mediaset, which is accused of tax fraud in the sale of television rights along with nine other partners and employees. Berlusconi took back the event to call its supporters and delivered a subversive cutting rally in front of the courthouse, with fierce attacks on the judiciary and the press.

On leaving the court, grabbed a microphone and said: "I leave with a dramatic sense of loss of time, I lived a surreal morning. Thanks for your support, it is well deserved." After repeated attacks against the press had anticipated when he arrived at court. "The prosecutors working against the country, working to tarnish my image, that after all I am a rich man, and the country," he said.

"Do we condemn? Not a chance. All allegations are laughable, crazy, unfounded." Prosecutors say the case Mediaset, Berlusconi and his group did business deals worth 470 million euros, artificially inflating the actual price of the rights, through companies registered in tax havens outside the chief executive to evade taxes in Italy.

Leaving the room, Berlusconi had a brief incident with the reporter from La Repubblica Giuseppe D'Avanzo, who was named "Mr. Stalin." Inside, the show was not surprising. After saluting the judges, Berlusconi walked towards the two prosecutors, Fabio de Pasquale and Sergio Spadaro, shook hands, and looking at De Pasquale, snapped: "You are wrong." Seca Attorney Response: "contains".

Berlusconi: "containing you with the allegations." And De Pasquale: "The allegations are my work, the jokes do not." Berlusconi told the press about the case Ruby, which is charged with child prostitution and abuse of power: "A Ruby gave him money to avoid the prostitute," he said unexpectedly.

"And I called the police when he was arrested because I am lovable and to avoid a diplomatic incident." Berlusconi still maintains that he thought the young Moroccan was the niece of then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. His followers, called by the People of Freedom, arrived by coach and leader were grouped with a stage decorated with big blue balloons that read: "Silvio, resist." Thankfully the song we Silvio rang through the speakers throughout the morning.

At the end of the rally, Milan's chief prosecutor issued a note which said baldly: "The prosecutors working for the country." The Milan magistrates complained that the circus "disrupt the normal development of judicial time." The opposition bloc denounced the "intolerable and dangerous" attitude of Berlusconi.

He said the Democratic Party, "his populist media trying to undermine the democratic foundations," and he placed "the limit of subversion." Antonio di Pietro, leader of Italy of Values, said "the prime minister has launched a subversive coup against the rule of law." Di Pietro requested the President to act "against anti-democratic drift before it is too late."

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