Tuesday, April 12, 2011

La Russa, "reluctant to bomb Libya" Initiate the evacuation plan of Misurata

Against the Gaddafi regime will be applied further restrictive measures on oil and gas. The ministers decided the European Union, met today in Lussembrugo. A meeting was held after the controversy of the morning. "NATO has decided to take the direction of military operations and we have accepted," said French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, "Today must play its role and destroy heavy weapons used by Gaddafi to bomb the population" .

"We need to maintain and intensify our efforts in the framework of NATO" is the cautious response of his British counterpart, William Hague. "With the resources we have, we are doing a great job," he replied to both the Alliance general, Mark van Uhm. The Minister Franco Frattini has meanwhile met this morning at the foreign representative for foreign policy of the Transitional National Council of Libya, Ali al Isawia.

Pending a meeting Friday with the head of the CNT, Mustafa Abdul Jalil. The two spokesmen have asked the international community and Italy to make available the assets frozen at the Gaddafi regime to be used for humanitarian aid to Libya. With regard to the request instead of a major action of NATO, and thus a different Italian involvement, the minister reiterated his concerns.

"With the Treaty of Friendship, we apologized for the deaths of the hands of the fascist colonial Libya: 100 years later we would not accidentally kill us again of Libyan civilians," said Frattini. "We have already made available the basic means," he added, "But still tackle this issue in the government and also with our partners in NATO." Even more skeptical was the Minister of Defense Ignazio La Russa, who on the possibility that Italy will take part in the bombing of Libya said he was "reluctant".

But he also informed that he will discuss with the Secretary of State for Defense, Bob Gates, with whom he will meet next Monday in Washington. La Russa always has subsequently confirmed that the Italian military leaders have maintained long relationships with the Libyan rebels. Meanwhile, fighting continues in the country.

According to the rebels, at least five civilians were killed yesterday by Gaddafi's forces west of Ajdabiya, the city recovered from the rebels after fierce fighting (Read the news from yesterday). A NATO airstrike hit from four tanks in the vicinity of Zitan: one was destroyed, while three others were damaged to be unusable.

Another attack was made at an ammunition dump in south-west of Sirte. Also from sources close to the rebels, there are the rumors about the presence of al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya. It would have been the Colonel to help them enter the country, asking for their help in the event of a ground attack by the international coalition.

Alliance has also pointed the finger at the Libyan state television, accusing NATO of causing several civilian casualties in the raid on Kakla, a hundred kilometers from Tripoli. While fighting continues, the humanitarian situation is worsening. "We need supplies and access to health is not guaranteed," said the director general of Doctors Without Borders Italy, Kostas Nicolai.

E 'game today, the operation of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to evacuate the stranded migrant workers in the city of Misurata. IOM plans, will be evacuated from 7 thousand to 8 thousand people. A ship has already departed from Brindisi and - after a stop today in Benghazi on board to load humanitarian relief - will arrive in Misurata.

The migrants are then flown to Benghazi, and from there transferred by bus to Sallum on the border of Egypt. The Egyptian citizens will be repatriated by the IOM in the countries of origin. But the CNT warn the militia of Gaddafi "prepare a devastating attack in the next few hours and want to prevent by force the arrival of humanitarian aid."

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