Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paraguay .- The Government accepts that they are suffering the worst dengue epidemic in history

ASUNCION, Oct 12. (Reuters) - The Minister of Health of Paraguay, Esperanza Martinez, acknowledged Tuesday that the country is suffering its worst dengue epidemic in its history because, in so far this year have already died out of 23 people and infected 7,000 have been counted. "It's the worst of all," said Martinez has said in an interview on radio station 'Primero de Marzo', adding that it is more severe than the collapsed health system in the country in 2007, when the disease caused 17 deaths.

Furthermore, although the number of cases was higher then with about 25,000 affected, the minister pointed out that currently there are about 22,000 people suspected of being affected by this disease, transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. As stated above, that causes dengue fever and muscle aches, but in its most aggressive and can cause bleeding and affect vital organs.

"We are in an epidemiological situation in which there is a movement and two serotypes prior to sensitize more than one million people in Asuncion, (the department) and other central departments," said Martinez. This has meant that patients are filling the emergency rooms of public and private hospitals, forcing Congress to declare a few days ago a state of emergency to give more funds to local authorities to develop environmental programs to end the epidemic .

"Local governments are autonomous, I can make a call as we have done, but not to put a gun to his head," the responsibility of the Executive, whose office has been questioned by opposition MPs, demanding his resignation.

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