Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thousands of students march in Algiers Bouteflika Palace

Thousands of Algerian students on Tuesday got what the opposition traditionally a secular party, human rights defenders and independent trade unions, the regime of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has failed to do in the nine times that called for protests since the February 12 : manifest in Algiers. Students even began a march to La Mouradia, the presidential palace, but an impressive display police stopped him.

In clashes with security forces there, according to the website of newspaper El Watan, a hundred young people and injured 70 between the riot. Dozens of students were also arrested. Despite the survey, in February, the state of emergency, which had 19 years in force, the demonstrations are still prohibited for "reasons of security" in the capital and most populated country in the Maghreb.

About two thousand students gathered outside the headquarters of Posts, in the center, to protest against the situation of universities, whose programs are teaching, they say, misfits to the labor market. The riot, very numerous, were fenced to prevent them from moving, but, unlike the traditional opposition, the youth managed to pull the metal barriers with which they intended to contain and forced the police to retreat.

Students then began a march to the head of state, on the heights of Algiers, four miles away, chanting slogans increasingly radical. "More scholarships!", "Harroubia bara!" and "Harroubia dégage!" they chanted at first demanding the resignation of Minister of Education. A few miles away, the student procession, more numerous than at first, shouting "murderer Power!", "The people want to crash the system!".

"We are now between 10,000 and 15,000 participants, then assured excited to your Zenati Ahmed, a twentysomething who helped convene the event through social networking. Security forces, who also received reinforcements, they waited in the plaza The Mouradia, which bears the same name as the presidential palace where the battle occurred in which he stopped the demonstration.

Even more striking, by the violence that ended the protest on Tuesday is just one of those that occur daily in Algeria. Monday was, for example, so-called patriots, civilians in the nineties were armed to fight the Islamists, which focused on Martyrs' Square. Strikes are endless especially in the public sector.

Health workers are just now adding the hospital doctors strike that has lasted for more than a month. The government, which means you can spare, often to satisfy economic demands. At the political level has yielded so far only by lifting the state of emergency. In the three parties called the Alliance which backs President Bouteflika begins, however, to summon a constitutional amendment.

The opposition wants, and Tunisia is a Constituent Assembly which drafted the new constitution.

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