Friday, April 1, 2011

The ripoux supervised

It is 10:00 am, Monday, March 28, Bolotnaya place, a few hundred meters from the Kremlin, and traffic is congested. Cars are touch-key. Sitting at the wheel of his Ford, Arkadi is furious. The right wing of his car has been stamped by a van. He leaves his vehicle, parley with the driver, a beefy domed cap, very upset.

Both men accuse. Arkadi believes to be within his rights: the truck swerved, biting on the white line, it has nothing to do. Around the two stationary vehicles, a new plug is formed. But what? In Russia, the finding is not amicable. At the slightest rustle of sheet metal, only one solution: Call the Traffic Police (DPS).

The inspector arrives on the scene can take several hours. It requires patience and above all not to touch anything. That day, both men are lucky, the cop takes one hour ahead. While examining the damage, the driver of the van plague. If wrongdoing is found, "it's the door", not counting the "avoinée" he will take his boss because of the delay in deliveries.

And the insurance policy he has strayed! Arkady, he is more relaxed, there is every risk. Suddenly, the driver drives the inspector away and he slips a roll of tickets, something like 2000 or 3000 rubles (50 to 75 euros), enough to inspire him to write the statement. Arkady is named as the perpetrator.

He protested in vain, to no avail. The final blow was when he learns he will have to go to the police in coming days to retrieve the paper needed to be reimbursed by insurance. News palaver, Arkady slips 500 rubles (12.50 euros) to the policeman and the case is in the bag. It starts with the precious form that displays a temperature.

But Arkady not clear that insurance refuses forms crossed out! Everyone is happy: the inspector of this double bonanza, the driver of the van, because he will be able to continue to deliver, and Arkady, the restaurant because he can finally go about their business. For him, the pot of wine is a true panacea.

Here, recently, for example, he took a wrong way. Well, thanks to small notes, no minutes, which prevented him three months to withdraw the permit. It must be said that "the blow was vicious." The street he drove every day has become one-way without his knowledge. But unfortunately, the sign had been placed under the cover of a scaffold, then, naturally, he has not seen.

Police were stationed further: "They were waiting for me, all happy to tell me that I was the twentieth to have borrowed the wrong way." It was a few days before March 8, Women's Day, Arkady inferred that the police were "looking for money for gifts. Everything was settled amicably, face to face with a policeman in the vehicle of DPS.

"We have agreed on a sum ... he showed me the glove, I put the money. Because they are increasingly wary! I think they fear of video and audio recordings, "says the restaurateur. The police have reason to be suspicious. Since 1st March, the Russian police, after repeated scandals (racketeering, bribery, kickbacks, collusion with the underworld), is subject to new legislation and a new code of conduct.

Police are now required to stop accepting bribes, kickbacks. Those of the road are particularly targeted. Their patrol vehicles will be equipped with cameras, "external and internal," said the head of the Moscow police, General Kolokoltsev, Tuesday, March 29. Under the law, all police officers (about 1.2 million to 141 million people) will have to take tests for a new recruitment.

If necessary, they will be subjected to lie detector! The "ripoux" had better watch out! But the war against corruption may well have been declared, it only affects players in the bottom. A study of the Supreme Court, 63% of convictions for corruption related bribes bribes amounting to 500 to 10 000 rubles (from 12.50 to 250 euros), while the average bribe is estimated at 61 000 rubles (1,525 euros).

Again, inflation is felt, the pot of wine have increased by 25% over the last six months. "The problem is that you pay under-the-table for all: a nursery place, connection to electricity, hospital care ...", regrets Irina, a single mother . According to experts, the corrupt money, is $ 300 billion annually (212 billion euros), a quarter of the state budget, a kind of gangrene "docked at the highest echelons of power "laments the opponent Boris Nemtsov, co-authored a recent report on the subject.

Recently, a Moscow newspaper, Moscow News, has launched its new formula with posters showing the phrases of famous authors. A quote from Anatole France was in the lot: "Honesty is inseparable from freedom as the corruption of despotism." A few hours later, the posters were removed. Obviously, they bothered.

Jego @ bbc. en Marie Jego Article published in the edition of 01.04.11

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