Friday, April 1, 2011

Bashar al-Assad disappoints Syrians to maintain a state of emergency

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that shakes the popular response to his country is the result of a "conspiracy" and disappoint those who hoped to announce an end to decades of state of emergency, in his first speech since the start of the protest . In a highly anticipated speech of nearly an hour before the Parliament, broadcast on television, Assad said Syria is prisoner of conspirators.

"This conspiracy is different in form and timing of what is happening elsewhere in the Arab world" he said, estimating that the country's enemies had taken advantage of the situation to wreak havoc. Washington felt that Assad's speech disappointed the expectations of the Syrian people. Assad's speech "was not up to the reforms" that "require" the Syrian spokesman estimated U.S.

diplomat, Mark Toner. The government led since 2003 by Mohamad Naji Otri resigned on Tuesday, the Syrian press expressed a preference for a cabinet of technocrats to carry out reforms. But Assad did not announce any measures to liberalize the regime whose imminence had been brought by his collaborators.

The state of emergency in Syria remains since 1963, when the Baath Party took power in a coup. The legislation has drastically reduced many of the civil rights, and in turn gave the authorities the power to make arbitrary arrests and political trials in the courts of the state security, giving the accused the opportunity to receive limited legal assistance .

The repeal of the law on the state of emergency is a matter for Parliament, but the lifting of the measure is the exclusive prerogative of the head of state.

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