Friday, April 1, 2011

Paris, a school lacking the alternate Parents publish an ad

Parents of pupils in one class of public school Jules-Ferry, in the Place Clichy, Paris, in the end they made it the most. Get to grips with the absences of teachers of their children and faced with the impossibility of the principal to find alternate, despite the insistent requests to the administrator, have published an advertisement in the newspaper Le Parisien: "Urgent, parents seek school Jules Ferry (man or woman) Professor of English and other disciplines.

" The announcement, published last Tuesday, has not yet received answers, but the parents have not lost hope. Even the school principal. The situation in the first A is as follows: since the beginning of the year have come and gone four French teachers for five weeks and the kids had no teacher, for English, more than three teachers, but eight weeks without lessons, six weeks, however, flipped around for mathematics.

If the situation is not as bad in the rest of the institution, similar problems, however, are also found in other classes. And the school year 2010-2011 was marked all over France by a general inability of principals and administrator to find alternates. In fact, even if the last ad is causing controversy to no end, similar initiatives have been taken.

Especially in the west of the country, parents or, more often, managers and elementary principals. As the average of Saint-Georges-de-Reintembault, in Britain, has tried everything, before ending up in search of teachers Leboncoin. fr, where in general the French buy refrigerators or jeans.

At the middle school in Cholet in the Loire Valley, there was no professor of Italian. And the headmaster on Leboincoin. fr found an Italian, with no training as a teacher, but that seemed to rise to the occasion. It 'was taken as a substitute until the end of the year. The reason for this? Although the government denies, pointing the finger at the cuts in teaching staff of public schools.

Less than 8,700 teachers and professors in 2007, fewer than 11,200 in 2008, less than 13,500 in 2009, less than 16 thousand in 2010. The same number will be bumped off the next September for the school year that is. E 'reform strongly desired by Nicolas Sarkozy, the Public Service, which the teachers belong.

Among other things, in the year 2010-11 for the first time were included in the circulation 16 thousand teachers recently graduated, without any training courses, which were previously required instead. It 'been half a catastrophe, many have not survived, especially in tough neighborhoods, particularly in the suburbs of Paris.

Permits disease have increased, others have even submitted their resignations (22% of those assigned to the administrator of Créteil, near the capital). For those who are still in place, the government hastily organized training courses. That, in turn, have generated absences. And the need to find alternates.

On the other hand, it also reduces the number of young people who wish to undertake this profession. With wages equal (or slightly higher) than those of their Italian colleagues and often higher cost of living is not easy to convince them to become teachers. Last November, the latest national test of the Capes, the exam, math, occurred in 1303 for 950 seats.

It 'obvious that this situation will have more reflections on the quality of teachers. And the day on which candidates will be fewer seats to be filled seems very close. Meanwhile, of course, increase enrollments to private schools. The government is currently led by Nicolas Sarkozy does not seem to care.

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