Friday, April 1, 2011

Brazil .- The University of Salamanca Lula appointed honorary doctor

SALAMANCA, 31 Mar. The Governing Council of the University of Salamanca (USAL) today approved the appointment of Doctor Honoris Causa to Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, president of Brazil, in the absence of ratification by the faculty of doctors. The award was approved by the Department of Teaching, Organization and Methods of Research of the Faculty of Education and the Department of Spanish Language at the Faculty of Philology.

According to the University of Salamanca, with the agreement of both, is the director of the Center for Brazilian Studies, Gonzalo Gomez Dacal, who acts as the sponsor for delivery. Professor Gómez Dacal was asked to deliver the defense of the candidacy of Lula da Silva at the meeting of the Governing Council.

The merits that support the investment focus, according to the academic institution in the efforts of Lula da Silva to "universalize the entire population of Brazil, both basic and higher studies, for which it has created an intensive system of scholarships with major budget allocations.

" Similarly, the University of Salamanca has assessed that there are "plus" budgeting and "improved" the situation of teachers in order to "provide the collective dignity necessary to ensure that the entire population of Brazil, a country where rates of development and growth are very high and is presented as one of the major economic powers in future, have to reach the highest levels of education and culture.

" The proposal of the Department of Spanish is added to the Education to designate like merit the introduction of Spanish as a compulsory education in Brazil through the so-called 'Spanish Law. "

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