Friday, April 1, 2011

Japan prepares blackouts blackout risk

Japan limit the energy consumption industries during peak hours to avoid blackouts in Tokyo and east of the country after the devastating earthquake this month, said on Tuesday an official of the Ministry of Commerce. The earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and the tsunami that followed the March 11 cut by 23 percent the total generation capacity of Tokyo Electric Power Co's, which has produced power outages in most of its service area for the first time in his career of 60 years.

The cuts could be particularly severe in a few months during the summer, when Tokyo Electric is not able to restore the capacity fast enough to meet the growing demand for air conditioning. The Government also considers re-apply the DST and raise energy prices at peak times to help balance demand with available supply, but the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the cuts are remain reserved as a last resort.

"What we have to do is clear: to combat the increased demand and limit the overall energy consumption," he said. "That would help level the consumption during the day. Our goal is to combine these strategies, which help prevent continuous cuts in the summer," he added. Tokyo Electric lost 15 thousand megawatts of capacity after the disaster, and although it recovered nearly half of them over nine thousand megawatts of damaged nuclear plants in Fukushima, where fighting radioactive losses could be out for an extended period and may be greatly lost permanently.

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